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Swimming Pool Heating Upgrade FAQs

What is Swimming Pool Heating Upgrade

A Swimming Pool Heating Upgrade is simply heating your swimming pool using renewable technologies; using a heat pump and/or Solar Thermal technologies.

How does it work?

The design is up to you but typically we would replace or augment or replace a swimming pool's existing heating system, such as gas or oil system, with a new efficient and renewable technology platform, such as a Heat Pump. Heat Pump technologies can be combined with Solar Thermal technology for reducing or eliminating your heating carbon emissions and for extra cost saving.

Can I specify the design of the heating system?

We can make a bespoke system for our customers. If you want a Air Source Heat Pump only, that's fine. If you want it combined with a Solar Thermal heating system that is okay as well. If you want a Ground Source Heat Pump, sure. If you wish to have the renewable technologies to work with your existing system or have a completely new system we can service that need.

Swimming Pool Heating Upgrade FAQs: FAQ

What are the benefits of the Swimming Pool Heating Upgrade.

The benefits are two fold; firstly, by moving away from gas and oil heating your a vastly reducing or eliminating your carbon emissions. Secondly, the use of Heat Pumps and/or Solar Thermal can deliver cost savings.

Swimming Pool Heating Upgrade FAQs: FAQ

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