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Planned Maintenance & Servicing FAQs

All Air-conditioning, Heat pump and Dehumidifier Maintenance Taken Care Of

Industrial sites, public sector buildings, schools, hospitals and libraries can also have the environments working temperatures controlled through the efficient cleaning and maintenance of appropriate air conditioner units.

Range of services

Cooling systems, heat pumps, dehumidifiers and refrigerators, including walk in fridges, can be maintained, serviced or repaired whilst our engineers are on site.  This leads to cost-savings and efficiencies as all refrigeration and HVAC requirements are covered by one company. 
If you wish to discuss how we can assist school kitchens and serving areas with their refrigeration needs please contact us. Other areas of the building we can assist with include controlling temperatures within server rooms, school swimming pool buildings, sports halls and changing areas.

Office Equipment Cleaning & Servicing

To maintain the best efficiency in your air conditioning system we invite you to make use of our air con servicing contracts.  Cost-effective maintenance includes the cleaning of air conditioner grilles, filter changes etc.  All parts are checked and refrigerant type is also checked and its weight assessed.  All equipment is carefully checked for leaks as well as for effective functionality.

Maintenance & Servicing : FAQ

Proactive Advice & Servicing to Save You Money

We often visit sites where it is quickly apparent that cost-savings can be made.  For example, leaking air conditioning equipment can result in unnecessary costs on refilling refrigerant on a regular basis.  We aim to point out and when agreed, eliminate operational inefficiencies on site wherever possible.  These can also have a positive effect on your school or colleges’ energy efficiency and overall environmental impact.

What does a servicing & maintenance contract include?

Just some of the aspects covered in a service and maintenance contract include cleaning of the building’s A/C equipment and relevant parts, advice on any deterioration in the equipment’s condition, refrigerant is checked for weight and the type present, a check for refrigerant leakage is carried out and all the systems functions are checked for operational efficiency and to check they are in good working order.

Why have regular air conditioning maintenance?

Consistent maintenance and cleaning of air conditioning plant is essential for the longevity of commercial and industrial environments.  Whether your main concern is comfort of clients and guests, productivity of staff or mission critical temperature control in heat sensitive or food processing manufacturing/handling environments we are here to help prevent problems before they occur. Many clients comment on how reasonable our pricing is considering the consistent high quality of our service.

Maintenance & Servicing : FAQ

UK Air Conditioning did not install our equipment? Can you still help us?

We would be delighted to quote for the ‘take over’ of an air conditioning maintenance contract or of course we would be pleased to discuss your requirements if you do not currently benefit from regular air con servicing. Our engineers are often introduced to new clients by being called out to an emergency repair, however clients are then sufficiently impressed with our service to take up regular servicing and maintenance to prevent breakdowns and problems with their air conditioning or refrigeration equipment in the future. Most of our maintenance contracts on systems we did not install ourselves are currently in the North West of England within a 50-mile radius of our Greater Manchester office.  However, we service industrial, commercial and office air conditioning plant as far away as the West Midlands.

Maintenance - Free Quotations

If you require a no obligation site visit to inspect the equipment you have on site prior to us quoting to take over a maintenance contract then please call us at our Greater Manchester office on 0845 872 2771.  You can also reach us by email through our contact form below.

Maintenance & Servicing : FAQ


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