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Repair Services FAQs

All types of equipment repaired

We can diagnose and fix problems with air conditioning, heat pump, dehumidifiers, compressors, refrigerant leaks, problems with piping, coils, control panels and duct systems. Electrical problems with HVAC equipment? We will be able to tell you if your air conditioning breakdown or fault is due to electrical problems.  We are qualified to fault find, replace and repair as appropriate.

Fast, efficient fault finding

Our fault finding and repair skills draw on our experience and familiarity with the equipment being tested.  UK Air Conditioning engineers are all fully qualified and experienced enough to take a systematic and professional approach to fault assessment.  A quick return to normal operation with the minimum of fuss Identifying the root cause involves our repair engineers drawing on their experience to be able to draw conclusions about the likely problem from temperature readings, pressure levels and other telling factors.  It also removes the need for a ‘hit or miss’ approach or misdiagnosis of the root cause.

Repair Services : FAQ

Qualified, expert fixing of faults

Common Issues solved include electrical faults, issues with control panels, heat pump compressors and refrigerant leaks. Other problems we can remedy include those with pipework and ducting, dirt or debris on evaporators or cooling coils, burned our compressors etc.   Problems with commercial refrigeration equipment can also be solved. Our operatives are trained to F-Gas Cat 1 J11 standard we are qualified to work on all commercial air conditioning units and refrigeration.

Mechanical problems solved

Issues caused by soiled condenser coils or units, dirt on evaporators or cooling coils, compressors that are hard-starting or burned out or refrigerant leakages can be solved quickly and efficiently.  We also invite new clients to take up regular maintenance to minimise the risk of these issues from happening further.

Repairs throughout the North West of England

We have a rapid response air conditioning and commercial refrigeration repair team who will be able to fault find and return you’re A/C equipment to working order quickly.  They operate throughout the North West of England.  As experienced technicians we are able to source and replace parts quickly with high quality components.

Repair Services : FAQ


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