Fujitsu Air Conditioning

Fujitsu understand research which has demonstrated that as workplace temperature increases, staff productivity falls.  As such they have invested in the development of a product range which includes all types of air conditioner plant.  This includes wall mounted, floor standing, ceiling or wall fixed equipment.  The business has recently invested a further £14 million in research & development in the UK as part of an overall £800 investment.

Fujitsu ducted split systems can be built discreetly and neatly into wall or ceiling voids.  A range of cassette units for ceilings are also available.

Quiet cooling technology for the workplace

By housing the condenser and its motors outside the building, Fujitsu split air conditioning systems are able to control temperature without creating distracting noise.  Programmes can be set to specific times and controlled conveniently using hand held or wired control panels. 

Convenient dual usage

Heat pumps can be combined with the split air conditioning system to provide warmth as well as cooling effects providing a cost-effective alternative to central heating.

Slim a/c cassettes

Fujitsu have developed very slim cassettes for use where ceiling void space is limited.  If you are unsure which air conditioner cassettes and systems will fit into your ceiling or wall voids then please call our Head office on 0845 872 2771 or email