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Hotel, Restaurant & Health Club - Air Con Repairs

We can be called out to hotels, restaurants and health clubs to repair air conditioning throughout the North West of England.

Our experienced engineers will be able to fault find, advise you and remedy the situation quickly and safely.  We provide full, clear explanations of the problem and a realistic assessment of the costs involved in repairing the problem up front and before remedial work is carried out.

Restoring diner, resident & membership comfort

We understand the importance that dining service, hotel occupancy rates and club memberships are not compromised.  Therefore we work quickly and effectively (as well as offering flexible working times where possible, legal and safe to do so),  to restore air conditioning and warm air to your premises as quickly as possible.  We appreciate that in hospitality and leisure your reputation for client satisfaction is of the utmost importance.

Commercial refrigeration repairs

We are also fully qualified to repair all commercial refrigeration, controlled thawing and freezer equipment for commercial kitchens including walk in coldrooms. Display chillers and bar fridges can also be maintained, serviced and repaired.

Health and safety

Our health and safety practices and environmental policies have been sufficient over a number of years to satisfy blue chip clients, international airports, health clubs, schools, etc.  Please contact us if you have any further requirements for information regarding this.

Get in touch

For immediate assistance in the North West of England including Derbyshire, Cheshire, Lancashire, North Wales, Liverpool, Bolton, Chester, Stoke and across Merseyside, Staffordshire and Cumbria please call us on 0845 872 2771, direct to an engineer on 07968 178 089 or email us on the contact form by clicking here.