industrial air conditioning ducting

Industrial Air Conditioning

Our industrial air conditioning division design, install, service, repair and maintain air con equipment for all manufacturing, logistics, commercial, retail and office sites throughout the UK.  We are also highly experienced in the design and maintenance of air conditioning for busy public sites such as International airports, schools and colleges.

Control and reporting

Digital panels can be located in convenient places to allow the control of the working climate within locations around your production site, logistics centre or other commercial buildings. 

If your manufacturing process requires careful control of heat exposure due to precision electronic manufacturing equipment or components then please contact us on local rate 0161 452 3737 or email

Reporting software can also produce logs of temperature and control activity if this is required for you or your clients.

Greater Productivity

Productivity in growth areas such as picking and packing sites which form part of e-commerce fulfilment centres can be aided with appropriately designed and maintained air conditioning systems.

Areas where sensitive electronic equipment requires temperature control for optimum performance can also benefit from bespoke air con solutions.  Laboratories using equipment which is sensitive to heat can also have temperatures monitored and controlled in this way.

Food handling or packaging sites or those involved in the manufacture of paper products which can react to moisture levels in the air can also benefit from consistent climate control.

Bespoke solutions for your premises

Whether your main concern is controlling noise or you have an older building and are concerned about how the working climate can be controlled effectively we are confident we can find a solution which works for you.  This could involve a central air conditioning system with distribution of cooled air through concealed ducting, and vents, ceiling mounted air conditioner units, cassette units or wall or floor mounted systems.  You may need us to design a system which incorporates a number of these items depending on the part of the building(s) in question.  For no obligation quotations please contact us in the UK on local rate number 0161 452 3737.

If you are concerned that a large, centralised system may result in paying for energy to cool areas of your site that are not regularly occupied then it may benefit you to use a more flexible, decentralised system.  We will be happy to talk you through options and recommendations once an obligation free site visit has been carried out.

Why have regular servicing carried out?

This ensures that the industrial units and air conditioners installed are working at their most productive levels of efficiency.  Regular maintenance also prevents more expensive repair and replacement work in the long run.

If contamination control is of key importance to a manufacturing site containing for example, car paint plants or robotic equipment, then regular maintenance and cleaning of all HVAC systems may well form a part of you or your facilities management companies KPI’s.

Who we work with?

As well as working with directly with end-user clients, we can also work with facilities management companies, ducting maintenance and repair companies, risk assessment businesses dealing with water systems, commercial plumbing companies, architects and design & build consultancies.