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We only use UKAS accredited laboratories to carry out all our bulk sample analysis work and air monitoring.  For more information on UKAS click here

Refrigeration for Industrial Food Processing

Sites which require commercial or industrial standard refrigeration or temperature control in the processes central to their business (caterers, food manufacturing, packing and storage sites), can rely on UK Air Conditioning and Refrigeration. 

Supply & Installation of commercial refrigeration and room temperature control

Our experienced engineers can supply and install temperature control equipment, chilled food storage plant, air conditioning and climate control for all areas of manufacturing facilities. 

Maintenance and Servicing

We maintain and service equipment to minimise the risk of disruption to your business which can occur if refrigeration equipment breaks down or becomes unreliable.

If we have not heard from you before and you are experiencing difficulties with your refrigeration equipment please do call us so we can help with fault finding and effective repairs.

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Please contact us on 0161 452 3737 at our Manchester Head Office or email us here.