server room air conditioning

Server Room Air Conditioning

For many businesses, having a server room functioning without the risk of IT equipment overheating and shutting down is critical.  UK Air Conditioning can provide hosting companies and businesses individual server rooms with initial installation, on-going maintenance and servicing.

Professional Advice

We can advise on methods to best protect your crucial data and server performance.

Making use of an inverter with a high coefficient of performance helps to protect against system breakdown whilst saving energy.  This ensures air conditioning plays its part in keeping your communications, data and websites running and accessible.

Energy Efficiency To Increase Profitability

By recommending energy efficient systems which are reliable we can help to add to your bottom line and retain business critical performance.

Where We Operate

We install air conditioner systems at industrial and commercial sites across the UK and can also maintain, service and repair/replace air conditioning in comms rooms and server rooms in Greater Manchester, Liverpool and Merseyside, Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire, Cumbria, The Peak District, North Wales, Lancashire, Chester, Cheshire and across the north west of England.

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