school and college air conditioning

School & College Air Conditioning

Comfort and optimum learning conditions for pupils, students and staff, reducing schools’ carbon emissions whilst improving on costs and efficiency are the main principles of our school, college, Institute and university air conditioning service.

Helping You Create an Optimum Learning Environment

Efficient and regularly serviced air con and heating systems are important when creating an environment in both summer and winter conditions which is ideal for learning.  Reducing school closures, disrupted examinations and ensuring distractions from extreme temperatures are all important to the well-being of all using the school and in reinforcing your institutions standing in the local community.

Air conditioner units are recommended by our system designers which are based on your buildings and users requirements.  Aspects considered include the range of external temperatures your schools location is likely to experience, hours of usage, number of people in the rooms to be climate controlled, whether computers (and how many), vending machines and other electrical equipment is present in the room to be controlled, security of equipment installed etc.

Simple Control of Classroom Temperatures

By using advanced HVAC technology we are able to install flexible slimline units to cool individual rooms such as IT suites or data centres whilst systems can also be installed which allow for individual rooms or areas around the building can be controlled.  Some areas can be cooled whilst others are warmed if necessary by taking heat energy from one area and sharing it with others. 

We recommend units which are not only subtle visually but also are quiet and unobtrusive, minimising distractions to students and teaching staff.  Those working or using other areas such as quiet study rooms and first aid rooms can also benefit from these ultra-quiet systems.  Brands such as Mitsubishi Mr Slim units fit this description.  They make use of the preferred R410A refrigerant.

Schedules To Meet Your Educational Requirements

In addition to installation, we are able to offer a rapid call out service to repair and maintain air conditioning equipment on your school premises throughout Greater Manchester and the North West of England. 

We are able to take over a maintenance contract for your air conditioner units from another contractor.  In most cases we carry out a visit to inspect the equipment to be maintained and

Proactive Advice & Servicing To Save You Money

We often visit sites where it is quickly apparent that cost-savings can be made.  For example, leaking air conditioning equipment can result in unnecessary costs on refilling refrigerant on a regular basis.  We aim to point out and when agreed, eliminate operational inefficiencies on site wherever possible.  These can also have a positive effect on your school or colleges’ energy efficiency and overall environmental impact.

What does a servicing & maintenance contract include?

Just some of the aspects covered in a service and maintenance contract include cleaning of the buildings a/c equipment and relevant parts, advice on any deterioration in the equipment’s condition, refrigerant is checked for weight and the type present, a check for refrigerant leakage is carried out and all the systems functions are checked for operational efficiency and to check they are in good working order.

One Reliable, Local Supplier

Schools throughout Greater Manchester, Preston, Liverpool and The Wirral, Chester, Cheshire and throughout the North West of England can also benefit from our expertise in all aspects of refrigeration. 

Despite the majority of our work being in the North West schools as far away as Solihull in the West Midlands have found us to be the most attractive, reliable and cost-effective option when it comes to air con installation.

Cooling systems and refrigerators including walk in fridges can be maintained, serviced or repaired whilst our engineers are on site.  This leads to cost-savings and efficiencies as all refrigeration and HVAC requirements are covered by one company.  If you wish to discuss how we can assist school kitchens and serving areas with their refrigeration needs please contact us.

Other areas of the building we can assist with include controlling temperatures within server rooms, school swimming pool buildings, sports halls and changing areas.  We can also advice you on temperature control within terrapins and temporary classrooms. 

Round The Clock Cover

Our 365 day, 24 hour service means that we can assist with the control of temperature within the building if it is affecting those attending night school classes and after school clubs, university halls of residences, holiday clubs and courses.

Call For Installations, Repairs Or Maintenance

For more information on air conditioning installation, repair, maintenance and servicing within schools’ and all types of education institutions please contact us on 0845 872 2771 or you can reach an engineer directly on 07968 178 089. You can also email us on or fax or e-fax us on 0161 452 7797.