computer room air conditioning and server climate control

Computer Room Air Conditioning

IT suites and computer classrooms, server rooms and libraries can all benefit from the services of our commercial air conditioning division.  This includes installation of air conditioner units to keep climate control in your hands whilst computer equipment is also allowed to function at their best.  

Greater Operating Efficiency and Maximising Profits

In a business environment this can allow greater profitability through staff members working productively in comfort whilst optimum temperatures for IT equipment can also enable you to reduce operating costs in the long run.    

Air Con Maintenance All Taken Care Of

Of course regular maintenance and servicing provided by our experienced air conditioning engineers ensures this continues to be the case.

Industrial sites, public sector buildings, schools, hospitals and libraries can also have the environments working temperatures controlled through the efficient installation, cleaning and maintenance of appropriate air conditioner units.

Maximising Concentration in the workplace

We can also install air conditioning equipment in locations where peoples’ concentration has to be maximised and distractions minimised.  Extreme temperatures can have an effect on IT equipment’s performance.  These services are available for all settings including airports, air traffic control rooms and towers, cctv and alarm monitoring rooms and remote monitoring centres, police control rooms and tactical response centres and security guard stations.

Similarly we can help to maintain a comfortable working temperature in school and college examination rooms, classrooms and lecture theatres, conference and interview rooms, surgeries, laboratory and clinical settings.  Call centres can also be serviced.

Contacting Our Air Conditioning Engineers

For design and installation of new systems, air conditioning servicing and maintenance for IT and computer suites, please call us on 0845 872 2771 or email