York Air Conditioning

York Int. Corp have had over a centuries involvement with refrigeration and air conditioning, making their products well placed to help keep your business premises and staff cool and comfortable.  It has been well documented that industrial and commercial air conditioning makes for more productive and efficient staff and lower long-term costs associated with poor employee retention which can result from unwelcoming working environments.

Now part of Johnson Controls they pride themselves on the quality of build and rigorous quality testing which is applied to all plant and components before they leave the manufacturing site.  Compressors carry a 5 year warranty and other parts a 1 year manufacturer warranty.

The video on this page shows the care that is put into the testing and quality control – making their strap line ‘Built Right.’

These include the build quality and how small the tolerances that are deemed acceptable.

Indoor and Outdoor Split Units

Condensers such as the York TC-YD Predator uses efficient R-410A refrigerant.  It is a split-system condenser which benefits you by having:

  • Condenser fans which are protected by the design of the unit
  • Economical operation provided by compressor staging for capacity reduction
  • Heaters which can be de-energized whilst the compressor is in operation
  • Simple control systems
  • Exceeds recommended efficiency standards

Split system heat pumps from York also demonstrate similar efficiency benefits.

The YD York Millennium split condensing units also run using R-410A refrigerant.  The 25-50 tonne systems have ‘pump-out’ when the unit starts up, which stops liquid refrigerant from returning to the compressor.

Air Con Maintenance and Servicing

If your premises already have York air conditioning installed and you wish us to provide a quotation for the take-over of maintenance and servicing contracts then please get in touch.  We are also able to provide a rapid repair call out service throughout the North West England region.

Industrial Chillers

Johnson controls also produce a range of efficient and environmentally friendly industrial chillers.  Absorption chillers, water cooled chillers and remote air cooled chillers are all available.

New Installations

For more information on why York air conditioning may be suitable for your premises and to discover alternative systems please contact UK Air Conditioning on0845 872 2771 or e-fax/fax us on 0161 452 7797.  You can also email us here.