Toshiba Air Conditioning

Toshiba help you to reduce costs and environmental liabilities through designing energy-efficient split air conditioner products and VRF plant which uses R10A Refrigerant.

Their units are known for reliability, energy saving design, clean lines and attractive looks and for reducing complications on installation – all aimed at producing cost savings and better value for money.

Recent Successes

Successes included continued growth in the two years up to 2012.  This was boosted by the launch of the SMMSi 2-pipe VRF system, which has been able to claim the title of the air con industry’s SEER (seasonal energy efficiency value).  Further developments have now been made with the launch of the Toshiba 3-pipe VRF system

A concerted effort is being made by Toshiba to help our clients reduce carbon emissions whilst countering increasing energy costs.

R22 replacement

By the end of 2014, using R22 when topping up air conditioning plant will be banned under EU legislation.   Toshiba have acknowledged that there is still a large amount of R22 refrigerant in systems in UK shops, offices, hotels, restaurants and other industrial, commercial and public sector buildings.

Cost-neutral R22 replacement

Using highly efficient R410A equipment in the replacement of R22 refrigerant is central to the cost-neutral replacement offering put forward by Toshiba air conditioning.  They offer leasing of the new equipment.  In many cases monthly energy savings are projected to balance out the fees involved on leasing the system.

This has been of considerable interest to large organisations which own commercial estates or operate national estates across the UK, facilities management and commercial property managers as well as energy consultants and end users.

If you wish us to assess the suitability of your building(s) to such as scheme please contact us at our Head Office on 0845 872 2771, e-fax or fax us on 0161 452 7797 or email us here.

Environmental Responsibility & Corporate Responsibility

Clients who pay close attention to their environmental policies will be pleased to know that in 2012 Toshiba Air Conditioning achieved carbon neutral status for its UK division.  The company has also committed to deforestation-countering efforts. In terms of global responsibility Toshiba agreed to partake in the UN Global Compact in 2004, which focuses on human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption within the organization and with regard to its suppliers.