Marstair Air Conditioners

Marstair, formerly IMI, (now part of TEV Group) pride themselves on supporting end clients and us installers through the development of purpose built systems.

If on inspection of your commercial building a bespoke solution is required we are able to discuss your requirements in detail with the supplier.  This enables us to design a system around your precise requirements.

Some of their equipment includes:

Wall mounted Equipment:

High Capacity Evaporators (HLR)

These provide durable, hard wearing service to industrial environments.  They can allow fresh air into the system and can be used with a range of refrigerants and heat pump applications.

Wall mount Evaporators

Marstair wall mounted evaporators are ideal for process cooling.  Fitted at high or low level, the benefits include long life washable filters and narrow design allows for effective high capacity cooling in small spaces.

WM Wall mounted series

Fitted at high levels these units tend to be used for both process and material cooling at low temperatures.  They benefit from simple wipe cleaning and low level maintenance.  Air is pushed from the top which lowers feelings of draught and maximises the effectiveness of air release.

They vary in their cooling capacity from 6 – 10 kW (heating from 5 – 9kW) and are built in the UK using high quality parts.

They only create low levels of noise making for ideal working conditions in a range of commercial and industrial settings.  Heat can also be boosted as and when required.

Other options:

Marstair also supply a wide range of ceiling mounted, concealed ducted, condensing units and heat pumps.  For more information please call on 0845 872 2771 or email us here.