Energy efficient air conditioning from Hitachi

These systems are designed to reduce both purchasing and running costs wherever possible.

The Yutaki Heat pump system creates four times more energy than it consumes, making it very efficient.

Reducing your costs to give you greater profitability

Compared to conventional VRF air con units, innovative layout of the equipment means that the cost of outdoor units is halved.  The cost efficient operation is also key.  Hitachi’s Samurai water chillers for example are extremely efficient and offer precise temperature control.

Customers requiring slim-line wall mounted units in new apartment blocks, small offices or in retail or leisure facilities such as salons can make use of the S-series.

A greener future

Pledge to reduce CO2 emissions by 2025 by as much as 100,000,000 tonnes.

Mobile Control

The Hitachi air conditioning app can be accessed to give information which helps us identify product alarm codes.  This means our engineers can quickly identify any issues, attach tech sheets to emails for greater reporting and accountability to you and demonstrates Hitachi’s commitment to supporting air con engineers and their customers.


The video on this page shows how Hitachi have a wide range of flexible equipment which can be designed to suit your air conditioning requirements, regardless of how large your site is.