Carrier air conditioning

About the supplier?

Part of UTC, Carrier is a worldwide manufacturer of energy efficient air conditioning systems.  Their founder invented the first mechanical air con system in 1902 and they have supplied us here in the UK for a number of years.  We can install their equipment in offices, hospitals, retail centres, sports arenas, exhibition halls and other large commercial applications.

Why choose Carrier equipment?

Carrier have focussed a large amount of their research and development on producing air conditioning chillers which have been developed for their simplicity of design, reducing the number of moving parts which can develop faults (no guide vanes or slide valves) and eliminating refrigerant leaks associated with shaft seals and purge units.

Longer lasting plant with less maintenance requirements

Additional design work has been carried out to ensure equipment has longer life spans and to reduce wear and tear.  There is also no potential for surge as refrigerant passes through the system removing this cause of erroneous shut down.

Maximum efficiency & greener chillers

The innovations in compressor technology developed by Carrier have also led to speed reduction which produces energy savings.  The video on this page shows how Carrier have helped commercial and industrial sites on a world-wide basis.

Popular Carrier products?

Carrier produce a wide range of products varying from 2 kW up to 5 MW in capacity.  They are an accomplished producer of air handling units, chillers (both for air conditioning and process cooling), condensing units, dry coolers and air cooled condensers.   They also produce split-systems for cooling-only and heating (up to 78.4 kW).

Call us about Carrier air conditioning systems

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