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Uk Air Conditioning Calorex
Service Agent & Installer

Uk air conditioning is the official Calorex service agent for Cheshire, Lancashire and Derbyshire. We provide specialist maintenance, repair and installation services of Calorex swimming pool dehumidifiers, heating, air conditioning and heatpump systems across the North West, North Wales and surrounding areas.

Types of units serviced

Uk air conditioning provides service on all Calorex Products including Vaporex wall mounted, Monitair floor mounted pool side dehumidifiers and LPHW heating units.

Variheat and Delta units which require specialist service and calibration are our speciality, as is the entire Calorex air source and ground source/GSHP range of systems.

Benefits of using UK Air Conditioning

As an official Calorex Swimming pool HVAC, Heatpump and dehumidifier service agent, we provide precise and cost effective service solutions to your Calorex equipment.

Our service Engineers are trained and equipped to quickly and effectively repair your Calorex Variheat, Delta, monitair, Vaporex or Heatpump unit.

When time is money or your pool out of service, our specialist Calorex trained Engineers deliver rapid results.

Fgas Regulations

Calorex units that contain refrigerant gas are subject to regulations which may require a service inspection of the refrigeration circuit.

The Standard Refrigerant found in most Calorex units is R407c which is affected by the Fgas regulations with units containing 2.82 kG or more, requiring a 12 monthly service by an Fgas certified Engineer. Larger Calorex units containing more than 28.2 kG R407c require a 6 monthly service.

The information of refrigerant type and weight can be found on the Calorex Data label on the side of your Calorex unit. Records of refrigerant and leak testing are also covered by Fgas regulations EU 517/2014.  UK Air Conditioning can provide certified Fgas Engineers for service of your Calorex refrigeration system.

R22 Calorex units

It is illegal to use R22 refrigerant in maintenance and repairs of units.

If your Calorex unit is charged with refrigerant R22 we can provide a quotation to replace your unit with the latest Calorex system. UK Air Conditioning also provide retro fitting solutions to older R22 units to enable the continued use of the unit. This process involves replacing components and refrigerant (R407c) to satisfy current Fgas regulations.

Maintenance of Calorex units

A 12 or 6 monthly maintenance service visit is recommended  to ensure the effective operation of your Calorex swimming pool unit and prevent loss of operation of your pool heating and environmental systems.

Basic maintenance such as replacing/cleaning of air filters and washing of air coils will extend the units lifespan and improve efficiency. Recalibrating of temperature and humidity controls will improve the operation the unit and can reduce running costs.

Often maintenance visits can prevent expensive damage of the units major components and identify worn parts.

Installation of Calorex units

Uk air conditioning provided expert installation services for your new or replacement Calorex Variheat, Delta or Vaporex unit. Our services include ducting, electrical, controls, LPHW boiler lines and pipework.