Airdale Air Conditioning

About the Supplier

Based in Leeds, Yorkshire, air conditioner manufacturer Airdale has grown over almost 40 years to be one of the UK’s leading providers of commercial air con, chillers and cooling plant. 

Why choose Airdale equipment?

Those who like to buy British may like to look at Airdale products more closely.  Also many companies in the UK entrust the cooling of data centre and IT equipment to their systems. The DeltaChill FreeCool Chiller was awarded the 2012 RAC Air conditioning equipment / innovation of the year award.  Their Turbochill Free Cooling Chiller has also won numerous awards.

Popular Airedale products

Airdale are a leading manufacturer of chiller equipment for commercial and industrial environments.  They pride themselves on producing energy efficient water cooled, air cooled and remote condenser chillers.  For example Airdale can boast that their Turbocor compressor technology delivers virtually year round ‘free-cooling’ when energy saving benefits are taken into account.

Research and development at their £2million Leeds-based testing centre has led to innovations such as the considerable reduction of life-cycle costs and the requirement for lower fan input.

They have a nationwide support network and export to over 60 countries.

Ask us about Airdale air conditioning

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