Daikin Air Conditioning

About the supplier?

Daikin provide renewable energy heat pumps, ventilation and air conditioning systems. 

Their air conditioners are used here in the UK in apartment blocks and collective housing and various commercial environments including hotels and restaurants, shops and high street stores, sport and leisure facilities, galleries and museums, airports, schools and colleges, healthcare clinics and hospitals.   

Why choose Daikin air con equipment?

Daikin are proud of their ability to deliver energy efficient HVAC, heating and air conditioning equipment.  Control systems allow for individual rooms to be managed in terms of temperature, when standby settings and comfort settings are activated and fresh air is introduced into the building.  This contributes to the wellbeing of occupants and a sense of being in a fesh and healthy environment.  

Assisting Building Managers in energy savings

Daikin’s heat recovery technology allows businesses and facilities managers to benefit from low cost hot water and warm air ventilation.  An entire buildings climate can be controlled and tracked from a single remote location, minimising energy use and carbon emissions.

Controlling Noise and Maximising on Space

Daikin have invested a considerable amount of time and money in developing air conditioning systems which are compact in size, externally fitted units are quiet making them ideal for outside built-up areas and internal systems are discreet in plant size.

Popular Daikin products

Daikin applied systems are a bespoke, energy efficient solution.  These might include an indoor or outdoor chiller unit, which provides power to the applied air conditioning system.  Fan coil units circulate the air to heat or cool your work environment whilst air handling units optimise the airs condition across numerous zones.  A control system selected specifically to be appropriate to your air conditioning and climate control needs is also supplied and installed.

Daikin regard this as the widest choice of components available on the market, combined in any one of numerous ways to suit the needs of your building precisely.

To summarise Daikin offer:

  • Equipment achieving top ratings on seasonal energy efficiency ratings (ESEER)
  • Options of cooling only, heat pump, free cooling and heat recovery systems   
  • Low noise
  • Wide range of power and capacity up to 9,000 kW
  • Utilising R-134a, R-407C and R-410A refrigerants
  • Flexibility for a wide range of operational situations


Contact us about Daikin air conditioners

For more information on the supply, installation, maintenance and design of air conditioning systems  involving Daikin and other major brands please call us on 0845 872 2771 or info@uk-air-conditioning.com