Mitsubish Air Conditioners

Helping to lower costs

Mitsubishi have been committed to helping businesses reduce costs through the efficient replacement of R22 refrigerant systems which reuses existing and wiring-saving time, material and costs.  Flushing of any obsolete refrigerant also made sure your system is legally compliant.

Consistent distribution of air

Four way ceiling cassette means uniform cooling effects are distributed ‘fairly’ and consistently throughout your office, classroom or business premises.   So no more disagreements in the office as to who sits where.

Warm as well as cool

Mitsubishi air conditioning systems are able to provide comfort in winter as well as summer. In heating mode, the floor standing units for example blow warm air through the bottom air outlet, replacing the traditional heating elements. 

Discrete cooling in harmony with your building

Whisper quiet and invisibly installed ceiling units are discreet as they are powerful.   

Stylish introduction of technology

Sleek black air conditioning units add a stylish addition to any salon, restaurant or contemporary office design.  In terms of design the Zen air conditioner by Mitsubishi is described as an exquisite piece of art work as well as an innovative piece of technology which barely makes a sound.

The innovative 'Mr Slim'

Mitsubishi ‘Mr Slim’ heating and cooling systems allows everyone to have the comfortable temperature they want.  Making use of a heat pump in summer the refrigerant absorbs heat from inside the building and moves it outside.  In

Ductwork loses 20% of heat generated through leakage/conduction traditionally.  Mr Slim units are suitable to be installed in virtually any room which requires climate control and the design used reduces this wastage often experienced up until now through the installation of ducting.  I-see sensor detects cold and hot spots in a room and channels energy to those places to rectify the temperature. As a result you get greater comfort and lower energy wastage.

A break from conventional air conditioning costs

Conventional compressors start up with a surge of energy and remain on at full power during the time it is needed.  This results in temperature fluctuations and inefficient performance.  Mr Slim uses Variable Compressor speed technology – monitoring the temperature needs of a room and adjusting the compressor speed automatically on an on-going basis to allow for these.  This leads to a saving of up to 30% energy compared to more conventional air con units and heating systems.

Quiet Purification of Air

 Mr Slim units are as quiet as they are efficient - they are literally ‘quieter than a whisper’.  The Catechim Plus air purification system aids the creation of a healthy atmosphere.  Therefore although many homes benefit from ‘Mr Slim,’ those running businesses such as children’s nurseries and private clinics (both involving rest areas where infants or patients may need to sleep) can be reassured that air con noise levels are suitable for this.  Add to this the air purification benefits and it is well worth considering these units as an option.  To see if they are suitable for your premises please call us on 0161 452 3737 or email

Wall mounted, ceiling concealed, floor-mounted and 4-way cassette.  Ductless technology means up to 8 indoor units can be installed in almost any room, all connected to a single outdoor unit.

Let us listen to your requirements

Please contact us on 0845 872 2771 or email us through our contact form here.  We will be delighted to listen to what you wish to achieve with your air conditioning or commercial refrigeration systems and then advise on the solutions and options which will suit your needs best.