LG Air Conditioners

LG manufacture a range of high performance air con equipment for commercial buildings.  These include:

  • Split air conditioning
  • Multi split air conditioning
  • Multi V Air Conditioning
  • Highly-efficient heat recovery exchanges
  • Parts and accessories


Split air conditioners enable you to control the temperature in various parts of your building in a cost-effective manner.

Attractive as well as efficient

Air con units can be decorated with customisable artwork or mirrored finishes that compliment your corporate branding, colour schemes or retail space perfectly.

Range of LG Systems

Concealed Ceiling Duct Air Conditioning

Universal concealed duct air conditioners are available with ‘library quiet’ conditioning for both residential and office locations.  These are available between 5.3kW Cooling/6.0 kW Heating) through to 16.3kW Cooling/ 18.7 kW Heating).  All power levels benefit from ESP which can be controlled via remote control and allows you to select air volume and control sound levels.  Noise levels never exceed 30-40 dBA. 

An optional feature allows up to four predefined areas can have their temperatures controlled separately whilst a sophisticated yet easy to use central control point can also be used in commercial and industrial settings.

Unpredictable weather conditions and seasonal changes can be dealt with by automatic switches which respond to fluctuations with appropriate cooling and heating to keep optimum working temperatures.


This powerful and quiet Hitachi air conditioning system fits into ceilings making it discreet and ideal for larger buildings with many rooms including restaurants, music and concert venues, conference facilities and hotels.


Universal Cassette Air Conditioner

Ideal for concealed ceiling mounted systems, this innovative design has an energy efficient feature which changes the setting to low power when maintaining a comfortable temperature, so there is no need to keep starting and stopping the compressor.

Compact Design

Retail outlets, small offices and other sites with limited space can benefit from the compact design of these systems.  One way this is achieved is through the use of a compact turbo fan, allowing your buildings’ interior devices to be smaller.


Multi V Air Conditioning Systems

The multi V system from LG includes a ‘Gallery’ edition with a changeable photo / artwork print so it becomes an attractive asset to any interior. Its features include:

  • Purification of polluted air
  • Helps prevent allergies
  • Night silent operation
  • DC Inverter adjusts power unit to temperature requirements
  • No need for regular starting and stopping compressor


Floor standing air conditioners

Multi V floor standing air con units (2.2kW – 7.1kW cooling, available in various heat KW ratings).  They have been specifically developed with high rise buildings in mind.

Suspended ceiling a/c units

LG have a wide range of energy efficient VRF units.  Control is enhanced by having two thermistors making for more accurate temperature control.  The two sensors allow temperature to be measured at the unit and the control panel, leading to greater accuracy in control of heat/cooling for your office, hotel, school or business premises.

Jet cooling also allows you to cool a room down to 18 degrees C in just 30 minutes*.

Greater automation means less distractions and need for human intervention. The system can be set up to automatically switch between providing heat and cooling depending on your climate control needs.

*time taken is dependent on room size.


Where we work?

We have supplied and installed air conditioning systems across the UK.  As we are based in Greater Manchester a large number of our maintenance, repair and servicing work on commercial air conditioners is inevitably in the North West of England including Manchester, Liverpool, Chester, Stoke-on-Trent, Bolton, Blackburn, Blackpool and other parts of the Lancashire, Merseyside, Staffordshire and Cumbria region.

For more information on the suitability of LG and any other brand of air conditioning please call us on 0845 872 2771.