commercial refrigeration

Commercial Refrigeration

We supply and install commercial fridges and freezers for schools, food retailers, leisure industry premises such as restaurants, health clubs and hotels, airports and public transport stations, hospitals, commercial kitchens, food processing and handling sites.

Walk-in coldrooms, fridge and freezer storage cabinets, blast chillers and freezers and bar fridges can be fitted and maintained on a service plan to suit your needs and preserve efficiency and profitability.

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General storage commercial refrigeration and freezers

Upright cabinet fridges and counter storage are available in a range of energy efficient models which provide both reduced running costs and lower carbon emissions.

Allowing you to work effectively

We will be delighted to discuss the units which have suitable dimensions for your storage needs whilst fitting logically into the room space you have available.  We also consult on your working practices to ensure your refrigeration plant is laid out in such a way as to allow you, your staff or kitchen brigade to work most efficiently.

Concealed refrigeration systems also maximise the storage space available for additional savings and maximising profitability.

Temperature control with confidence

When your business relies on optimum temperature control for client satisfaction and to comply with health and hygiene regulations you need quality refrigeration and freezer units which are reliable, hard-working and controlled reliably.  We will be delighted to discuss how we can help with the supply and installation of commercial-standard equipment which meets the demands of your business and provide advice on how to ensure things remain that way.

Ease of cleaning, hygiene and maintenance

We supply equipment designed to be easy to clean and maintain, and reduce risk of dirt, food crumbs or other waste building up in corners or parts of the refrigeration equipment.  Wherever possible we supply units which are easy to move for regular deep cleaning and to ensure harbourages for pest risk are also minimised.


To protect against risk of theft or tampering the refrigeration units are lockable with hard wearing security options. 

Additional savings

The ECA scheme means clients may be eligible to claim back money on their investment due to the energy efficient ratings of the equipment we provide and install.

For more information on commercial refrigeration...

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