Blast Chillers Installed and Maintained

Modular blast chillers are available in a range of dimensions to suit the demands of the food service industry.  For example Foster Refrigeration modular units can contain 75 Kg and blast chill food from +70 degrees C to +3 degrees C in 90 minutes.  They also have air circulation systems to ensure chilling is uniform throughout the food products whilst protecting the foods surface.

Tracking and reporting

Software is available to track and report back on performance providing data retrieval and management should it be required.  Fans can be set to shut off automatically whenever doors are opened making it more user-friendly.

Free quotations & rapid repair service

For a no obligation free quotation or if you are experiencing problems with blast chillers or commercial refrigeration equipment please call us for a rapid response in North West England on 0845 872 2771 or direct to an engineer on 07968 178 089.  You can also email us on our contact form here.